Altar is a temple of live music, in the heart of nipaluna/Hobart

A space to embrace the night, where the lights are low and spirits are high

A love letter to our city's thriving music scene, Altar hosts a genre-spanning slate of live shows within its unholy walls, as well as recurring events. First opened for Dark Mofo 2019, Altar embodies the deep, dark roots of In The Hanging Garden's cultural precinct—it's a place to lose sleep, where there's always music in the air.

High Altar is a celebration of club culture

Electronic DJs, nocturnal artists + late-night club kick-ons

Located on the second floor of Altar is our after-hours club space. Head upstairs into High Altar and you'll find lively late-night dance parties and curated club events, where electronic DJs and nocturnal artists take over the floor until the early hours.